mardi 28 avril 2009

Laboratory for the incubation of hectic thoughts

Potential future blogs ...
  • the web of thought : how to manage the quasi-chaotic emergence of interlinked ideas
  • what are the catalysts of this process ? Dialogging with a physical person, remarkable events, chemical stimuli (alcohol, smoke, sexmotions=sexually-linked emotions) ? Blogging, as a way of dialogging with unknown, virtully passive passive or in a loosly-coupled two-way dialogue ? The stochastic, semi-guided emergence of thoughts and emotions ?
  • mastering the power of emotions in the workplace
  • emotionally-lubricated professional relationship (The Pope, codoms and emotions)
  • Mathematics of weddings

lundi 27 avril 2009

Men Crying

(This is a post written a month ago, forgotten in a file somewhere)

Emotions. According to a recent study (unable to state the source, I heard this on the radio a few weeks ago), kids have difficulties in understanding the way adults react to dramatic events showed on TV news. Does this mean that people become increasingly unnafected by world's disasters? Is it because they have grown up next to parents who apparently have been unable to express emotions and therefore "teaching" them flat, blank psychological reactions ?

More generally, why do adults try hard to hide their emotions ? Be able not to show that you are distressed, angry, unhappy or joyfull, why is this considered as a psychological strength or an evidence of self-control, highly praised as an important professional skill ? Is it really right to force most emotions out of the workplace, and negative emotions out of the personal relations sphere ? How can emotions streamline human communication (for example, use the power of joy to help motivate the others, use the "back-to-reality" energy of dissaproval or worryness for getting something done right ) ?

... Some time ago, I interviewed a male student who was obviously very frustrated for trying to get a scholarship, a few times, unsuccessfully. He nearly burst into tears, as he did not understand what went wrong, nor why he got so emotional, that only worsened his distress ...