vendredi 25 mai 2012

Effective Point&Shoot Urinals ?

It seems like the Dutch are really concerned about the cleanliness of their toilets, in a country where beer consumption is not very low ... They've come out with a god idea to help men better "focus" while they're urinating: a black fly etched into the urinals

vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Welsh 3-digit Phone

Here is my (important) contribution: silly things you can find around the world: a 3-digit (1-2-3) emergency phone on which you're supposed to dial 999 to ask for help ;)

In case you want to check it by yourself, it is at Worm's Head (GPS coordinates are +51° 33' 48.26", -4° 18' 15.88" (51.563406, -4.304411)).

mercredi 11 janvier 2012

Deux culottes

Vu de l'extérieur, on semble bien s'amuser à la police: une enquête sur le vol de deux culottes !